When is the ride?

The last Sunday of September.

How many people do the ride?


Do I have to wear a helmet?

With so many riders, it would be impossible to enforce a helmet rule, however, we strongly encourage it! We want everyone to stay safe and take all the needed precautions for the ride, including a maintained bicycle.

Can I pick up my friends/family member's ride packet or rider wristband?

Sorry, as a general rule, each individual person must pick up their own packet and rider wristband.

How is the terrain?

Nothing mountainous, but we do have some hills. There are not too many on the shorter routes but the hills are more challenging on the long routes.

Can I register on the weekend of the ride?

No, there is no registration on the weekend of the ride.

Can I register just a non-rider or my 12 and under child?

No to both. Every non-rider or my 12 and under child needs to be or be attached to a registered rider. If you have a registered rider and need to add a non-rider or child, just give us a call to do so. 1-269-756-3361.

Is the route map or GPS available before the ride? 

No, due to possible last-minute route changes and other issues, we do not issue the route map until the weekend of the ride. We are not providing GPS maps as of yet.

Where do I park?

Parking is available at the St Mary of the Assumption Church and also parking just west of downtown Three Oaks off of US-12. (see map

What happens if it rains?

The ride goes on rain or shine, our volunteers are made of strong stuff and will be out to support you!

Are there vegetarian options at the SAG stops?

Of course... plenty of fruit and other options!

What if I get tired? Can I change routes?

You can take any of the routes offered on the day of the ride and change your mind at any time. 

Will there be cider?

Of course!