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Backroad Bikeways

In addition to the Apple Century event, the Three Oaks Spoke maintains the Backroads Bikeway trails which provide 20 self-guided tours on paved area roads, with lengths from five to sixty miles. 


The routes follow secondary roads over rushing streams and through picturesque rolling hills, patchwork farmland and beautiful meadows, parks and forests. View area attractions such as the New Buffalo Railroad Museum on the New Buffalo and Four Winds Trails. Enjoy a walk through Warren Woods State Park or a swim in Lake Michigan at Warren Dunes State Park on the Warren Dunes and Singer Lake Trails.



The 12th edition of the Backroads Bikeway printing there are two maps, the North Routes and South Routes, each with 10 trails. A map and a list of directions and roads is provided for each tour. The brochure has information on bicycle rentals, the Three Oaks Spokes Bicycle Club, the Apple Cider Century bicycle tour as well as the Dewey Cannon Trading Company and Three Oaks Bicycle Museum.


The brochure can be purchased at the Dewey Cannon Trading Company. To defray publishing costs, there is a charge of 25¢ per brochure. However, we will mail out a brochure to you upon request if you provide a self-addressed #10 envelope with first class postage attached, and mail it in another envelope to:


Three Oaks Spokes
P. O. Box 366
Three Oaks, MI 49128


The Backroads Bikeway trails follow paved roads and are suitable for all types of bicycles.
Recommended equipment for riding these routes:

  • Bicycle Helmet

  • Water Bottle

  • High Energy Snacks

  • Repair Tools

  • Patch Kit for Tires

  • Extra Tire Tubes





We offer the following marked routes for riders of all types and abilities. Click the trail name for a route map and instructions for each trail.

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